The Kickoff to The Youth Media and Health Institute 2015

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A group of students exploring their new equipment for the week!
Morgan Lee

Hello American Graduate Supporters!


            I’m really excited about my post today, and over the next week, because SCETV and American Graduate are doing something really awesome! This week the American Graduate team here at SCETV, with the help of some really awesome media experts from the community, have put together a week long camp for high school students entitled Youth Media and Health Institute 2015! This week long camp is teaching 23 lucky high school students from around the state how to work with technology, learn media skills, and while doing all of this they get the opportunity to learn first hand from farmers the importance of eating healthy and organic! So with all of these exciting activities going on around the office, I think it would be nice to fill you guys in, day by day, on all of the things that are happening during the Youth Median and Health Institute!

            Monday was the first day of our Youth Media and Health Institute, and you could feel the excitement in the room while all of the young bright students took their seats in a semi circle in the front of the room! The day started off with introductions, and a food story from their life! Some students shared how they had tried to be vegetarians, others shared about food aversions, and some even shared about how a food reminded them of a loved one who was no longer with them! It was a great exercise that made the group of students connect with each other, practice their public speaking skills, and give them a good taste as to how they will incorporate media skills and healthy eating!

            After that, came probably the most exciting part of the day for the students! The students at the Youth Media and Health Institute were given a MacBook Air and a Samsung Video Camera for them to take home at the end of the week to keep! Throughout the week they will be using the camera to film and interview at farms around the state, and then come back to SCETV’s office and put together short videos throughout their week on their new MacBook Air! They also were given an external hard drive to help store all of their footage from the week!  Throughout the next couple of hours, the instructors and interns helped the students set up their computers, and hard drives, and then they learned how to charge and use their cameras!

            After a quick break with healthy snacks like apples, nuts, and raisins, the students then got a lesson from some ETV employees on the proper way to shoot with their cameras! They taught them tricks about zoom, rule of thirds, and leading and head space! Students got to play around and practice with an actual camera that ETV employees take with them on shots! The whole time the studnets seemed entirely engaged, and interested in the lecture!

            Then came a delicious lunch from Rosewood Market of spinach lasagna and salad! It was a delicious and healthy option for all of the students to enjoy!

            After lunch the students were lucky enough to get a lecture on the proper way to interview from a local filmmaker in the community! The students then took the time to practice interviewing with one another! Afterwards the students were split up into the groups they would be traveling to the farms with and create their interview questions for the following day!

            Altogether it was an amazing day and a perfect start to what will surely be a memorable and informative week! I can’t wait to share what happens next with you all!

            Stay tuned for more inside looks into the exciting week of The Youth Media and Health Institute 2015!


If you want to see images of the Institute while its happening, check out our twitter page @AmGradSC 

    Our intern Joseph is posting to our page every day with photos and tweets to keep you up to date! If you have any questions you can tweet to us and dont forget to use the hashtag #YMHI2015

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