SCETV American Graduate opens state-wide Poetry Contest

Posted by Morgan Lee on

Hello There American Graduate Supporters,

                Well, I’ve hit the third week of my summer internship here at ETV, and It still feels unreal that I’m getting to do what I love, and for such an amazing cause. American Graduate, and the people working for this amazing media initiative, are doing everything they can to spread awareness of the drop-out crisis in America, as well as giving much needed recognition to amazing educators and administrators who are honestly dedicating all of their time and resources to making sure that students have every opportunity to excel and achieve whatever they put their minds to. It’s incredibly inspiring to be a part of this media initiative, and also incredibly eye opening. I couldn’t imagine any other internship being this meaningful, educational, and impactful on my life and my future career!

                This week I got a really exciting project that I want to share with you all! SCETV American Graduate has just launched a state wide competition for all high school students. High School students are encouraged to send in a short video of them preforming their own formal or free voice poetry creation in response to the prompt: “I’m going to graduate”. Upon submissions, the videos will be uploaded to our newly created YouTube page, for all of our close followers to see and comment on! All videos are due by July 6th, and when the competition is over, we will closely judge all of the videos that are submitted (Fingers crossed that a lot of videos get submitted), and pick one winner! The winner of the competition gets to have their video posted on, and it may even be broadcasted on ETV and ETV radio! How exciting is that?! I am so excited about this competition, and I think we will get a great response from high school students all around the state! If you, or someone you know is interested in submitting a video to the I am Going To Graduate competition, email your video submission to:  

                This competition is so great for so many reasons. First of all, this is a chance for students to be completely open about their own educational experience. It’s one thing to have professionals, and law maker’s talk about reformations that are needed in the public school system, but very rarely do we give students the opportunity to talk openly and directly about what school means to them, and what impact it has had on their life. What better way to know what is working and what isn’t in the public school system, than to hear it directly from the people who are benefiting from the school system every week day.

                I’m so excited to hear what the high school students of South Carolina have to say about their educational experience, and why graduating high school means so much to them! I look forward to learning a lot from these submissions. These teenagers are the future of this country, and this world, we have to start listening to what they have to say.

                Good Luck to everyone who decides to participate! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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